Videos are everywhere in the business world today. They help companies connect with people in a strong way. 

But did you know that not all business videos are the same?

There are brand videos and corporate videos, and they serve different purposes.

Understanding these differences helps you create content that connects with your audience and meets your goals. 

Also, knowing what makes brand and corporate videos unique and how to use them is important for any business.

What is a Brand Video?

Brand videos tells the story of the brand. They focus on the brand’s image, values, and mission. 

Think of brand videos as the personality of the brand. This type of video tells the story of who you are, what you believe in, and why you do what you do. It’s designed to stir emotions and connect with your brand on a personal level.

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are more formal and educational. They focus on the company and present its works, products, offers, and strengths.

The main goal is to convey information in a clear and professional manner. It is often used to communicate with employees, train staff, or revise investors.

Know The Difference Between Brand Video And Corporate Video

Key Differences Between Brand and Corporate Videos

1. Purpose

  • Brand Videos focus on being creative and engaging. They are made to be shared widely on social platforms. 

The main goal is to make the brand look good and connect with the audience.

  • Corporate Videos focus on giving important information. They include training, company news, or messages from leaders. These are for employees or business partners.

The best corporate videos are clear and helpful while also keeping the audience interested with a professional style.

2. Content

  • Brand Videos tells a story about the brand. They use interesting pictures, music, and messages to connect with people. 

The goal is to stand out and make the audience feel good about the brand.

  • Corporate videos give clear information about the company, including latest datas, training, and news about company progress. 

The content is simple and helpful. These videos often have interviews, how-to guides, and tips.

3. Audience

  • Brand Videos are made for a wide audience. They target anyone who might be interested in the brand, including future and current customers and the general public. 

The goal is to get as many people as possible to know and like the brand.

  • Corporate Videos are aimed at an audience that includes employees, company partners, or industry professionals. The content is created to be useful and interesting to this particular group.

The best corporate videos do a great job of engaging their specific audience by talking about topics that matter to them.

4. Tone

  • Brand videos use a friendly and warm tone. They want to make the audience feel good about the brand. The tone is often happy and positive to leave a strong, nice impact.
  • Corporate videos use a more serious and professional tone. They aim to give clear and useful information. The tone is simple, easy, and formal to show the company’s capability.

The best corporate videos use a professional tone but keep the information clear and easy to understand.

5. Production Style

  • Brand videos focus on creativity and storytelling. They are made to be shared on social media to reach a large audience. The main goal is to make the brand look good and connect with the audience.
  • Corporate videos focus on giving important information. They might include training videos, company news, or messages from bosses. These videos are shared within the company or with business partners.

The best corporate videos are clear and helpful, and they try to keep the audience interested with a professional but friendly style.


Brand Videos:

  • A video telling a story about how the company started and its values.
  • A video showing customers talking about why they love the company’s products.
  • A creative ad that shares an important message about what the company stands for.

Corporate Videos:

  • A video teaching how to use new company software.
  • A video showing new employee’s company rules.
  • A video telling about the company’s success and plans.

Why Both Are Important

Both brand and corporate videos are great benefits to your business.

Brand videos help you display to your audience on an emotional level, making them remember and trust your brand. 

For instance, sharing your company’s story and values will attract new customers who relate to your message.

Corporate videos, on the other hand, provide information that helps customers decide wisely.

For instance, the best corporate videos explain your products or services and explain why your company is the best option for them.

Wrap Up

Understanding the difference between brand and corporate videos and how to use them effectively will improve your business strategy.

To produce high-quality brand or corporate videos, get in touch with a trusted video production company. They will help you create engaging videos that meet your specific needs and goals.

So, why wait? Begin your video production journey today and make your business stand out.