Are you thinking about using video production to promote your products, services, or brand? 

If so, you’re on the right track. 

Video content is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies today. Unsurprisingly, the numbers speak for themselves: more than half of viewers prefer videos over images and text (source).

But before you jump into production mode, a few essential questions must be answered first. Doing so will ensure that all the hard work and money you put into producing a video will be well worth it. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 video production questions every business should ask before starting their own video strategy. 

Get ready for an informational ride!


10 questions to ask before crafting your video


Here’s our top list of must-ask video production questions:


1. What’s the intention of the video?

Prior to beginning any video production project, clients should determine the purpose of their project. To craft effective, high-impact content, one must know precisely why they’re making the video. 

Is this project about spreading brand awareness? Are you attempting to draw in new clients? Or is business marketing the only focus? 

Once you pinpoint your primary goal, focus on that one objective and avoid making things more complex than necessary. 


2. Who is your target audience?

Knowing your intended audience is essential when creating a video, as they are the cornerstone of any successful project. 

Identifying the “who” first will assist in crafting all other aspects, like visuals and editing, that align with their interests. It all matters whether you target moms-to-be, tech tycoons, or students. 

Having an exact idea in mind will facilitate developing content and messaging tailored specifically for them.


3. What’s the right video style to use for your audience?

To make sure you choose the right video style for your audience, it’s essential to consider these questions: 

  • What is their primary concern?
  • Is it a decision-maker or an influencer who will be watching this video? 
  • What’s motivating them to watch it? 

Answering these queries will help you understand what kind of video style fits your target audience. Different types of videos are available that can suit all kinds of purposes. 


4. What exactly is your core message?

With the shorter attention span of today’s audience, your video message must be concise and compelling. Resist the temptation to fill your video with excess information. 

Instead, limit its contents to a single point that can be communicated clearly within 8.25 seconds, or the viewers will potentially lose interest quickly. (source)


5. What’s your video project budget?

Budgeting for a video production project is essential and unavoidable. However, the cost of your production will be determined by its complexity and simplicity, so it’s important to set realistic expectations regarding what you want from the finished product. 

Although creating videos can become expensive, remember that not all projects are created equal. Make sure that you communicate with your video production company about the kind of value that your budget can bring. After all, remember: quality comes at a price.


6. What should be the length of your video?

Crafting a successful video requires more than just good content; you must also consider the length. To decide on the ideal length, consider what you want to accomplish and where the content will be used. 

If you use Facebook ads to boost conversions and sales, aim for approximately 12-15 seconds of footage. (source)

On the contrary, if you create a demo or tutorial specifically for your website viewers, ensure that its duration is sufficient to convey your message effectively.


7. How will you measure ROI and results?

If you’re hoping to increase video views, product demos, sales, or donations, the strategy for each objective varies. Knowing which metrics are most important will help shape the vision for creating a successful video. 

However, if bringing in leads is the priority, add a call-to-action button at the end of your video. It redirects people to a page where they can fill out their information to access more content or an initial service.


8. What will be the location of the shoot?

As you consider the questions to ask your video production company, take adequate time to assess where the shoot should be. 

What would be the most effective location for your video? 

If what you’re trying to explain centers around a product, consider creating an atmosphere through minimalism. In addition, you need to decide on graphics, props, and animations suitable for this project. 


9. What are your competitors doing?

Constantly keeping an eye on your competitors is a smart move. Doing so can give you insight into the types of videos that will get engagement in your field, such as how-to tutorials, product reviews, and educational pieces. 

Although it’s not meant to be used for copying purposes only, competitor research can teach you what works from their successes and save time by avoiding errors they previously made.


10. How will the review process work?

Obtain approval from clients or supervisors at various stages to ensure a successful video project. Provide pre-production materials such as the script and budget before your deadline. Allowing yourself additional time for any revisions that stakeholders request is also wise.

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So, if you plan on using video production to help push your organization’s goals and success, use these questions as a jumping-off point. By doing so, you’ll walk away with great contentment and satisfaction, knowing that your hard work paid off in the end. So don’t delay; get out there today and create something unique!