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Videos have shown the potential to capture attention more effectively than plain text or static pictures, and they’re shared extensively on social media.

Video marketers grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (source). You’ve been dreaming about an increase in brand awareness, organic lead generation, and personal connections with your customers. Well, now is the time for that dream to become a reality. Creating video content could be just what you need to boost your revenue numbers.

If you haven’t yet used video in your content marketing campaigns, now is the time to start. If you’re already using video, it might be time to step it up a notch and experiment with different video types to boost sales.

  • Teasers in Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC Ads)

In this era of video ads, use teasers to make your PPCs more exciting and engaging. Teaser videos are brief clips that provide enough information to grab attention but leave viewers curious about what you offer them in a short amount of time frame. The value of teasers to draw people in is undeniable.

They are short and informative videos that give away the entire content for your advertisement, but don’t let yourself get hooked. Once you have their attention with this technique, it’s time to reel them back into watching more by giving out rewards – like free clips or access codes and products.

  • Have an SEO Video Marketing Strategy

The quality checks on your SEO strategy are essential to maintaining customer trust and loyalty. Your SEO team should be analyzing data about trends in the niche of services that you provide. Use keyword research tools like Google keyword planner. So they can produce content for demand which incorporates keywords customers use when searching online. That will help buyers find what we want them to. Creating a catchy title and description that includes the right keywords to help your video stand out from other videos on YouTube. That will make it easier for viewers looking for something unique in their search engine results pages (SERPs). To find you with ease when they click through – which could mean conversion into potential clients.

  • Build trust and brand value with testimonial video marketing

Leads are not necessarily potential customers. We must be careful to understand the difference between an enthusiastic lead and a customer. The vast majority of visitors that arrive at your landing page (or wherever else you want them to be) will leave almost immediately. Bounce rate has a direct impact on your ROI video ads.

 But you can make it easier on them by creating a welcoming page. A video with a happy face describing your business or product (service) in a short video tagged on the page might improve conversion rates drastically. You can ask your clients to record testimonials for you –  how your business or product helps them. That allows them to share their experiences with potential customers.

  • The “Giveaway” video marketing model

Your prime goal should be to get that video in front of the right people. For any business (including yours), a large portion of customers ideally visit through your video. This might work wonders for your company. Video content for marketing can be a great way to reach the right audience. 

72% of buyers prefer to watch a video to learn more about a product or service (source). When you give away education and knowledge in your videos, viewers seeking that kind of information will likely find their way towards yours with an open mind when it comes time for purchasing or subscribing. 

They might share one of these videos or post because they loved how informative this particular video was about something related – which can lead to other people like them as well (and who knows, maybe even some new customers). 

You will automatically gain prospective clients once you begin to build loyalty among your viewers.

  • Don’t forget Call To Action overlays

A call to action is an instruction that encourages viewers or listeners in some way. You can boost your conversion rate with CTAs by using CTA overlays in most advertising models. These tools are a great way to convey the message and attract potential customers without hiding it within video content. 

The CTA overlay on YouTube is a little bit tricky to create. However, Google might not allow uploading directly and add these types of elements in their content. But don’t worry –  you can create CTA overlays using Google AdWords and drive sales to your business.

  • Thumbnails

You might be doing all the necessary work to create creative, engaging content, but no one is clicking on it. It could be that your thumbnails aren’t exciting or related enough for readers – they’re just dull images without any context surrounding them.

The video thumbnail is your first impression of what the content of a video will be. Thumbnails can help you find the perfect people for your ROI. The video must capture the attention of your target audience, and thumbnails help the viewer decide whether or not to click.  

It is a good idea to stay true to your brand’s essence and avoid using clickbait because it could allure the wrong audience and harm your company’s reputation. Stick with your company’s colors and logo for video thumbnails.

A well-placed video thumbnail can be the deciding factor between a user clicking on your content or scrolling past it.

  • Analyze your video performance

The way to make your online marketing campaigns successful is through Analytics. There’s no point in investing time and effort into video production if you don’t know what impact it has on your business conversion, right? 

You can use YouTube Ads or Google AdWords for this purpose as they both offer analytics tools that allow us to see where our advertisements appear most often among other things like views/time spent watching a video clip.

Moreover, you can measure not only the number of views, but also how many times a video has been shared by other people, and who mentioned you through their social media posts. The best way to build a successful strategy is always to have clear methods of measurement.

Creating high-performing videos takes time and effort. If you want more out of your digital video strategy but don’t know where to start, Dustin Hill video production is here to help you. Our team takes care of all aspects of creating videos for your business – from scriptwriting and shooting to editing. 

We’ll work closely with you every step of the way. So you get what you’re looking for, and You can use the video’s potential for your business and encourage people to watch and take action. Contact us today.