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Video marketing is an excellent way for businesses to reach their customers. Today, consumers have more options than ever before, but they do not have enough time or patience to browse through websites that offer endless products to find what works best with their needs. 

They want an instant solution that can help them make informed decisions without wasting their time or effort, and this is where explainer videos come in handy! Explainer videos will help any item sell better, giving customers all the information right away without forcing anyone to spend hours looking at different sites.

An explainer video is a short, entertaining, and informative video that uses visuals and narration to simplify the concept of business, product & service. The main idea behind an explainer video is to educate customers about how a product/service can solve their problems and make life easier. 

To get this message across, you need professional narration in clear words that tell stories and explain what you do while also showcasing why your solution would benefit them greatly if they choose you over alternatives on offer by competitors. 

In general, we like to divide them into three main categories:

  • Company overview
  • Product/service overview
  • Hybrid meet-the-team

Why should you make an explainer video?

Explainer videos are the new way to get your message across in just seconds. They’re concise, visually appealing, and can pack a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Let’s see what benefits you can derive from them for your business:

  • Demonstrate product & service

Explainer videos can help you quickly show customers how your product works and why it’s beneficial to them, which is one of the reasons that so many businesses use them as part of their marketing plan.

  • Showcase brand values and personality

Explainer videos are also an effective way for businesses to show off their values and personality so that they can build better relationships with clients. Through the tone, visuals of your explainer videos, you can showcase your brand personality.

  • Illustrate how the brand can solve customer pain points

It’s not just about explaining how your product works, it is also important to show the customer what problems they will be able to solve with it. 

An explainer video allows you to explain how your product can solve a customer’s problem and boost your brand awareness. It demonstrates how the product works, which in turn boosts conversion rates.

Where can you feature your explainer videos?


1. Social media channels

Social media has become an increasingly popular platform to use for marketing and advertising, and one-way marketers can take advantage of this is by creating and featuring explainer videos on their social media channels. It’s a great opportunity to provide more information about the company or product that customers may not be aware of. 

Through social media, you will be able to make your brand more accessible and visible to potential customers who may not have been aware of it before. The first step is deciding which social media platforms are best suited for your business goals. You can easily integrate your video into social media to increase exposure using the following steps: 

– Upload your video to YouTube and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

– Use a call to action in the description of the post. For example ‘buy now’, ‘book now’, etc. 

– Share links across all other channels you use such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

2. Website

Ideally, you should place explainer videos prominently on your website’s homepage to make sure new website users don’t miss seeing them. 

Additionally, placing these videos and landing pages for specific products or services can create more opportunities than ever before – because those are likely spots where prospective clients would land if looking through search engines first (and could also inspire conversions). 

Explainer videos are an excellent way to provide visitors to your website with all of the information they need. They work as an intro and elevator pitch.

3. Emails

Email marketing is an effective way to find more leads. By adding explainer videos, you can make your emails seem less mundane and more interesting with the use of explainer videos. This strategy also works great for directing traffic back to your landing page by embedding clickable images.

When searching for an explainer video company, it is important to find one that fits your brand values. Making sure they are in line with the way you want your business to be perceived will ensure they bring out the best from videos. 

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