[Banner] Animation Videos An Untapped Resource To Grow Your Business

Video is a powerful content marketing strategy because it doesn’t tell, but it shows. In today’s world, where businesses are competing for getting noticed on platforms with more business-oriented content, video is more niche there.

Video can come in many different forms, and there are so many ways to connect with your target audience. One of the most popular ways for marketers to tell a story today is through animation. Animated videos contain both verbal and visual content, allowing people to deliver more information in less time than reading.

Your audience is less likely to take action if you have a great story but deliver it poorly. That is where animated video can come in handy. You can use video animation to share a compelling message with your audience in a creative way, connect with them, and persuade them to take action.

  • Boost conversion rates

Animations are a great way to create interest and anticipation, which will drive your customer to make a purchase. Animators can be expensive for an animation company to hire but they provide good ROI as research shows that using videos on landing pages leads to an 86% increase in conversions (source). Whether you’re trying to sell clothing or technology, any product can be marketed and can be sold using animated videos.

  • Help clients to understand your product

Animations can help you make your product more accessible, understandable, and engaging. Animated videos provide a simple explanation for what it is – that you are selling by animating the function or purpose behind each element of an interface.

The products and services that your company offers are intended to make your customer’s lives more convenient. Animated videos can be very effective when it comes to telling a story. For example, an animated skit of 1 or 1.5 minutes illustrating how your products and services would make the consumer’s lives easier will do wonders for your company.

With the help of an animated video, you can effectively explain how your product works in its simplest form to potential customers.

  • Improve SEO

Animated videos are great for increasing your SEO rankings and making your website more visible on Google. They can help a business rank higher during searches. Which in turn makes them easier to find by potential clients. Animated videos keep people engaged, with an average viewer spending 2x more time on a webpage that has video than one without (source). Google’s algorithm for search rankings also considers the time visitors stay on your website.

  • Transform your imagination into life

Animated videos are the perfect way to share your message engagingly and creatively. They give you the freedom to do whatever you want, whether to tell the story of your business or how the product can change your client’s life. Get all of that without having any limitations on creativity. Animation allows you to manipulate scales and bend natural laws. It enables you to bring any concept, no matter how complex it is.

  • Help you stand out from the competition

Digital marketing has become more competitive than ever, and your business needs a solid online presence to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, an animated video is a fabulous way of doing it. It establishes you as a creative, innovative, and forward-thinking company. Studies show that 50% of viewers search for product and service-related videos online before purchase (source).

Animation is a unique and exciting way it offers the ability to simplify messages and stay true while also staying creative with brand identity,

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