[Banner] Can CTAs Really Increase Video Marketing Conversions

Video marketing is quickly becoming an integral part of any strong digital marketing strategy. 87% of marketers use videos in their marketing campaigns [source]. It is a powerful tool that can create meaningful connections, provide an authentic experience for your audience, and set you apart from competitors.

A key component to successful video marketing is the CTA.

CTA stands for “call to action,” and it is a term used in web design that describes the button or other interactive element meant to prompt visitors to take some sort of action. When it comes to videos, CTAs are crucial because they provide visitors with another way to interact with what you are presenting them. Buttons allow viewers to connect with brands by clicking through to learn more about products or services.

Effective CTA usage

The most important part of using CTA is their placement in your video. CTA are clickable links that will prompt your viewers to take some further action. Some ways that you can add CTA are:

In-video CTA can be added at the beginning, middle, or end of the video. In this CTA you are asking your viewers to take some action such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘like’. These could be verbal where you are speaking to the viewers and asking them to do something, along with adding the links to what you are directing them to do.

Annotations can be attached in the video that direct the viewers to some other content. These annotations can be links to other videos, to your website, specific product page, etc. Annotations are added while the videos are playing and pop up at certain timestamps of the video usually in relation to what the video is about at that time.  

Ad overlays are ads that are placed on the video. Ad overlays do not disrupt the video, and take up a small space of the video (usually placed at the bottom of the video) but are still visible enough for the viewers to notice them.

Enabling effective CTA practices

CTAs can be a great way to increase conversions for your video marketing campaigns. But they are dependent on other factors as well so that they can be successful. Here are some strategies that, along with CTAs, help to increase your overall conversion rate:

Choose the right platform

Where you place your videos is equally important as you want the videos to reach your target audience. Without your video reaching who you want it to, you cannot hope to get any conversion rates. 

Try to use as many platforms to post your video and not rely on one single platform. Posting on social media sites, your company page, YouTube, etc. increases the chances that your video reaches your target audience.

Create an engaging video

To get better conversion rates, you first need to make sure that your video is engaging enough. 67% of customers will not have interest in the company if the videos are not high quality [source]. If your video does not keep your audience hooked, they may not stay long enough to watch the entire video. 

This can lead to the CTA being ineffective, as your audience may not feel interested in proceeding with what the CTA is calling for. Creating compelling videos to attract your audience will help your CTA be more effective.

When done effectively, you will be able to improve viewer engagement as well as conversion rates by implementing CTA in your videos. Professional video production companies like Dustin Hill will help you include CTA in your marketing efforts to get better conversion rates. 

If you are unsure how to go about this process, our team of experts will help guide you through what works best for your company. Contact us today if you have questions about our production services or if you need assistance with increasing your conversion rates through CTAs.