BANNER OF Common Mistakes People Make When Creating Videos For Social Media

Videos can help you build brand awareness, connect with customers, drive traffic to your website, and help you achieve your business goals. But, if you’re not careful, you could be making common mistakes that could hurt your efforts. We’ll take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. So, if you’re ready to start creating error-free videos for social media, read on!

Common Mistakes People Make When Creating Videos For Social Media


1. Not thinking about the audience

Video marketing is a great way to promote your product, but only if you know who will be watching it. Without an audience in mind and the right targeting techniques for their needs (i e. content-specific), then all of that time spent creating videos could end up being wasted because no one watches them! 

Understanding who you’re targeting and how to impress them is crucial for a successful video. For example, on Facebook people are more likely interested in videos that entertain or educate; whereas Twitter has series with breaking news so it’s important when posting relevant content there – both platforms demand unique angles from which all other views will arise!

2. Not keeping it short and sweet:

Engaging videos are key to keeping your audience’s attention. If you make a video with excellent content but too long, then viewers will address it as boring and won’t want to watch the whole thing because they can easily fast forward through parts that aren’t interesting or worth their time investment (which was probably why most people watched shorter YouTube videos in the first place). 

No one wants 5 minute Facebook Live streams when 2 minutes would suffice just fine! So be mindful of what platform(s) & demographic-oriented groupings match best for maximum enjoyment from any given production effort while still meeting marketing goals so that all aspects run smoothly. 

3. Not having a clear objective or strategy

When it comes to creating videos, the clarity of your objective and motive will lead you straight towards success. This can be applied for both social media posts as well as business marketing in general. So, before you start creating any type of video, you need to have a specific goal in mind. What do you want the video to achieve? More website traffic? More leads? More subscribers? Once you know what your objective is, you can create a strategy that will help you accomplish it.

4. Not scripting or storyboarding the videos

When making a social media video, it’s important to plan what you want to say and how. Storyboard the shot so that each part flows well in your narrative; if there isn’t scriptwriting then they’ll likely be chaotic or unprofessional-looking videos without directionality from the start. So, create an outline before filming anything at all.

5. Not paying attention to the technical aspects


  • Failing to use good lighting

When filming a video, it’s important to use the best quality camera and lighting possible. If your footage is dark or blurry then no one will be interested in viewing the entire video. Make sure that you film in an area with good light levels so viewers can see clearly without any problems. With the right amount of light and an attractive background, your viewers will be able to watch without any issues.

  • Overly static videos

Static videos don’t engage the viewer, and they quickly lose interest. In order to keep people interested in your video, make sure to add some movement. This could be as simple as having someone walk across the screen or change the camera angle regularly. By adding movement, you’ll keep people engaged and ensure that they watch your entire video.

  • Not using good quality audio or visuals

Many people don’t realize how important good audio is. If the audio is bad, it can ruin an otherwise great video. The same goes for visuals. Having poor-quality visuals can really detract from your video. So make sure to use good quality audio and visuals when making videos!

  • Not adding subtitles

When making videos for your business, don’t forget to add subtitles. Many people watch videos without the sound on, so including subtitles can help get your message across. Subtitles also help viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing understand your message. They can also help if the accent of the narrator or the actors in the video is difficult to understand, and can also be useful for when people are watching videos if they’re in a noisy environment.

6. Not adding a CTA

When you post a video on social media, you want to make sure that it is effective in grabbing your audience’s attention. But many businesses make the mistake of not adding a CTA, or call to action. Without this element, your video could be falling short of its potential.  

A CTA is the most important part of any video. Without it, your viewers won’t know what to do next. So make sure you add one at the end of your video and tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. You could ask them to visit your website, sign up for your email list, or download your ebook. Whatever you choose, be sure to make it clear and concise. And remember, the more engaging your CTA is, the more likely people are to act on it!

Mistakes can be costly when it comes to video production. Not only can they lower the quality of your final product, but they can also lead to viewer dissatisfaction and decreased engagement on social media. That’s why it’s important to partner with a professional video production company like Dustin Hill Productions that understands the ins and outs of creating videos for social media. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you create high-quality, engaging videos that will reach your target audience and help you achieve your business goals.

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