[Banner] Corporate Video Production How To Connect With Your Audience

Corporate video production has grown in popularity as businesses have come to realize the potential of video marketing and how it can improve their customer relations, sales, and online presence as a whole. However, creating effective videos can be tough if you do not know how to connect with your audience.

Corporate video production is a form of advertising designed to promote your company’s mission statement, products, and/or services. As with any type of advertising, you want your company’s videos to connect with viewers and encourage them to take some sort of action. The best way for your company’s videos to stand out among an ocean of competitors is by incorporating high-quality elements into their products while simultaneously telling an original story based on your company’s niche. The process involves various forms of visual communication such as photography, cinematography, acting, editing, special effects, and music.

If you are thinking about using corporate video production as a marketing tool, but are not sure if it is right for your business, take a moment to look at some of these benefits. Corporate video production is extremely effective for any company; not only can videos save time and increase sales, but they can also help potential customers build trust in your brand. 

Videos are also great for those looking to market through social media because they lend themselves well to hashtags and clickable links. In addition, corporate video production allows you to tell stories that would not be possible through written content or static images. Have a complicated idea that would require thousands of words to explain? A 30-second clip is often more concise and delivers your message better.

Connect with your audience using corporate videos

There are several types of corporate videos, classified by their target audience and how you connect with them. Your choice will be dictated by your corporate goals and objectives, which can range from employee management to investor relations.

At Dustin Hill, these are the types of corporate videos we majorly focus on:

1. Company introduction videos

Introduction videos are an excellent way to build your brand and distinguish yourself from competitors by talking about your entire company and what it is about. This type of video provides an overview of your company including your company’s mission statement, its vision, the products or services provided, the team of people involved, and the contact information (this includes social media profiles as well). 

This video is a great tool to use when you are reaching out to prospective partners or when trying to gain recognition in your industry. They can also be used for internal purposes like corporate team-building. By using video production, you can tell your story from an interesting perspective that will allow potential customers to connect with you on a personal level.

2. Promotional corporate videos

Using videos to introduce new products and/or services of your company provides a better understanding of what that product/service is. They also help to raise brand awareness and boost sales. With the use of graphics and artwork, the tone can be conveyed more clearly through visual aids as compared to a photo or text. 

Promotional videos can be a great way to highlight your products and/or services without directly selling them. Instead, they focus on educating customers about your business model and why your business is a good fit for them.

3. Employee training videos

An employee training video can be a valuable tool to teach your staff about their specific job functions. They are also a great way of communicating new policies or training safety procedures. Getting your employees on board with a company-wide initiative, new product or service, or other big changes, can be very effective and inexpensive when you use an employee training video. 

By helping your employees get on board ahead of time with an explainer video, you can save yourself and your business a lot of time down the road and can also improve productivity across all levels of your business.

Corporate video production can be an incredibly powerful medium for spreading the word about your company and everything about it. Now that you have taken a look at what corporate video production entails, you are likely eager to get started.

Not every company has the same needs and goals when it comes to corporate video production. Through Dustin Hill’s corporate video production service, we will help you deliver the message you want to your audience in an impactful way. Not convinced yet? You can learn more about why we are the best choice for your business here. Schedule a meeting with our team for us to take a deeper dive into your project.