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Before the internet, corporate videos were used as a tool to communicate company policies and procedures. They used to be very formal and scripted, with stiff, uncomfortable interviews and boring presentations. 

Nowadays, corporate videos are like mini-films using different angles and shots to make the content more interesting for the audience. They have evolved into more than just presentations or how-tos. They are used for storytelling and engaging audiences with interesting content.

Not only does this style help to keep people engaged, but it is also better at conveying information about an organization’s goals and values in a way that resonates with customers.

The digital world has fundamentally changed how we engage with brands and products. The need for a strong social media presence, quick response times to customer complaints, and an increased focus on video production have all shaped the way corporate videos are created today.

The evolution of different aspects of corporate videos

  • Quality versus price

In the past, video production equipment has been a costly expense. But, with the advancement of technology over time, the prices of video production equipment and post-production equipment have gradually declined. Video equipment has gotten better, smaller, and, most importantly, much cheaper over the years.

Despite this fall in cost, the quality of video production has risen dramatically over the years. What used to be standard celluloid-filmed video has now expanded to a wider range of choices, including panelled videos, 3D animations, motion graphics, etc.

  • Online corporate videos

By the early 2000s, the Internet had become strong enough to stream video. Until then, opportunities for companies to showcase their corporate marketing videos were limited to trade shows, conferences, and sales meetings. 

But, with the rise of social media, corporate videos became more accessible to a wider audience. This has led to an evolution in the style and production of corporate video. Companies were turning to social media sites to reach a broader audience with corporate videos.

YouTube has drastically changed the corporate video industry by giving companies a chance to make videos go viral – something they couldn’t expect with traditional TV commercials. 

It has also given a platform for consumers to share their opinion on brands and products. This social media giant has become an excellent tool for marketers looking to expand their reach with traditional advertising channels.

  • Preference of smaller agencies

It makes sense to hire a large advertising agency to produce your video productions if that production includes television commercials and other marketing efforts, such as website design or print ads, with a unified messaging, look and feel.

Today, however, many businesses are turning to smaller video production companies and creative agencies that specialize in video production. Niche or boutique production companies are often run by filmmakers who have devoted their careers to video production to tell memorable marketing video stories that promote brands and products in creative and memorable ways.

These small agencies are significantly less expensive than large advertising agencies. Again, there are times when a comprehensive ad advertising agency makes sense, but it’s usually better to hire a creative agency that specializes in video production services.

In this era of digital expansion, corporate videos are more valuable than ever. While you may not need a video for every aspect of your business, the right corporate video can be an excellent tool to attract new customers or improve customer retention.

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