[Banner] Quick Guide How You Can Create a 1-Minute Infographic Video in Just 6 Steps

An infographic is a graphic representation of information or data that presents complex ideas visually by using images, charts, or other graphics. They are used to communicate information in a visually appealing way.

Infographic videos combine video with graphics and animations, making them perfect for any format of media including education, advertising, social media, or website design. However, they are fundamentally different from motion graphic videos.

The main benefits of infographics include their ability to convey large amounts of data quickly and easily. Infographics are so popular because they are easy to digest and provide a ton of information in just one glance.

6 steps to create a 1-minute infographic

 Infographic videos can be created quickly and easily with the following steps:

1. Make the purpose and the target audience of the video clear

It is important to know why the video is being made for and who it is being made for. The message of your video needs to be clear and catered to your target audience so that you can get your audience to take the desired action. 

If you are unclear on what you are trying to gain from this video, then the entire process of making the infographic will serve no purpose. This is the foremost step towards making an infographic and once you have completed this step, it will help streamline the rest of the process.

2. Gather the data for your video

The next step for creating your infographic video is to collect the data that your video will convey. When gathering the data, it is important to include original data in your video so that your video will be unique. 

Collection of data can be done by conducting primary research through interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc. Once the data has been collected, it should be verified and validated. Should the need to use secondary research arise, make sure to mention the source from which you have collected the data.

 3. Prepare the script for your infographic video

The script of your video will contain the narration of the video, should you choose to have one. The verbal aspect of your video will need to be prepared first so that it can then be recorded and added to your video. 

Your script should guide your audience through what you are trying to say, and should also include a CTA (call to action) that directs your viewers to take any desired action. The voice recording of the script should be done post-storyboarding so that it can match the flow of the video.

4. Storyboard your video idea

Storyboarding is conceptualizing your video visually through sketching. It is a useful way to explain what you want your video to look like. It is also easier to show your illustrators what you are expecting through sketches rather than verbally explaining what you want. 

This way everyone is on the same page and you can get the desired output. Storyboarding will also include the sequence of your video and will include the description of each frame. 

5. Bringing your video to life

Using the right tools and software it is now time to make your video a reality. This is where all the creativity begins to flow and is translated on the screen. 

Through illustrations and animation, the graphical elements of your video will be created and merged with all the data and information to create the video.

6. Editing the video and adding the final touches

Once your video has been made, there will likely be some back and forth. Any corrections and/or changes will be done in this stage. This step will also include adding the narration track, background music, proof checking the video for any errors, verifying that everything is in place and making sure that the video is meeting the expectations. 

After all these details are looked after, your infographic video will be completed.

By following these 6 steps, you will have an infographic video ready for you to promote and share with your audience.

Creating an infographic video is a rather easy task, provided you have the right production. With the right support, the process of making your infographic video will be a smooth one.

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