[Banner] Quick Guide What Does It Cost to Make a Motion Graphic Video of 1 Min

A motion graphic video can be a great way for your business to get its message across. Whether you want to promote your company’s new product or show appreciation and gratitude for your loyal customers, a professional motion graphic video is worth the investment

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So, how much does it cost to make a motion graphic video? The price depends on what kind of video you want, and who you are getting the video made from. There are many variables that determine the cost of making the video such as:

1. The budget of the video

A motion graphic video can cost anywhere from S$2000 to S$20,000. Since the range varies so greatly, it is important to have a budget fixed before venturing to get one made. 

If you do not have a budget fixed then your final bill could be a lot higher than what you were expecting, so it is important to fix a budget and to make the budget known to your video makers so that they can work accordingly.

2. Duration of the video

Professional motion graphic videos are often priced on a “cost per finished minute” scale. This means that the price you are charged depends on how long you want your video to be. 

This is why the price of a 1-minute video is often lesser than that of a 2-minute video of the same quality and requirement.

3. Complexity of the video

If your video requirement is a rather simple one, then that should not add too much to your bill but if you want more complex elements added to your video then the price of that will be extra. 

For example, 2D videos are less complex than 3D and thus the price for a 2D animated video will be lesser. But if you want a video with 3D animation then that will be higher since 3D videos require a lot more time and attention to detail.

4. Timeline in which the video needs to be completed

This includes how long it will take for the video to be made and edited. The video makers will charge you on how long they took, or are expected to take to make and edit your video. 

The complexity and duration of your video will affect how long it takes to make the video, which will in turn affect the pricing.

5. The people behind the video

Whether you go to a full-fledged agency or freelancer will majorly affect your cost. When you contact an agency for your motion graphic requirements, you are likely to get an entire package along with marketing strategies. 

The same may not be the case for freelancers as they may cater only to specific needs. So, it is important to know who to consult based on your requirements.

A lot can go into the production process of making an animated video with graphics and sound effects. If you are interested in learning more about what it would cost to make a motion graphic video or are looking to create a motion graphic video, we at Dustin Hill productions can help. 

We will work with your team and budget to design the perfect video that captures your company’s unique story in an engaging way. Contact us today for more information on how our affordable pricing structure could be what you need! You can also learn more about our motion graphics studio here!