Banner of reasons why You Need A Video Marketing Strategy

It is no secret that video marketing is a major player in the digital age, with the rise of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It should come as no surprise that video has become one of the most effective forms of content marketing. 

It is a fun way to engage with your audience, build brand awareness and trust, and increase sales. For brands looking to expand their reach across multiple platforms, video marketing can help them achieve their goals by increasing exposure on various social networks while simultaneously boosting engagement rates.

5 reasons you need a video marketing strategy

  • Video boosts conversions and sales

Video marketing is essential for any brand looking to reach an audience that values ​​authenticity. This should come as no surprise, as video content has the power to engage viewers and boost conversions and sales. 

84% of people say that watching a video of a brand has convinced them to buy a product or service (source). And YouTube, with its >2 billion users, is one of the best platforms to grow your business.

  • Video increases ROI

Video marketing is a great way to increase return-on-investment, or ROI. Video marketing is more effective than other forms of advertising, such as print or ads, because the consumer’s attention span is much higher when watching a video. 

Videos allow consumers to explore products in their own time, giving them greater freedom to make informed decisions about whether or not they want to purchase the product.

  • Attracts new customers

A video is an extremely valuable marketing tool for small businesses because it attracts new customers. This is because people are more likely to watch videos than read about you. 

When they see that you have made an effort to communicate with them visually, they are also more inclined to trust you. So why not give your business the boost it needs?

  • Videos explain things better

People are visual learners. This is why videos are so popular. Videos can convey a message or teach people how to do something better than text alone ever could, and they are more engaging because people are watching someone doing it instead of reading about it. 

  • Video can improve SEO

Video is often thought of as a way to engage users, but the truth is that video can help improve your search engine ranking. Video increases time spent on site by an average of 12%. 

This means that people are more likely to stick around and learn about what it is you do. Search engines like Google look for this kind of engagement when deciding how relevant your link will be in their search results for related keywords.

When it comes to marketing your brand, content is king. You need a constant stream of great videos that engage with your target audience. Videos are especially useful for brands that want to create an interactive experience with their customers. 

However, even though video marketing has become more popular over the years, many marketers still struggle with how they can make their videos stand out from the crowd. In this industry, every business requires an expert team of skilled producers with experience. 

Dustin Hill Productions provides exactly what you need. We have years of experience creating marketing videos at affordable prices, so whatever budget constraints you have, we can find a solution that works best for both parties. 

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