Banner image of Three Lengths of Marketing Videos, and Where To Use Them

Marketing videos can be a great way to introduce your company and its products. There are many different ways to use videos in marketing. Videos can be used as a form of promotion or for customer testimonials. But making a video is not a very simple process as there are a lot of components that constitute a video. One of the main concerns is how long should a video be? 

The video length that is right for your business depends on what you want the video to accomplish, and what you are trying to convey through it. Optimally, the length of the video should vary depending on whether it is meant to persuade customers or educate them about your product/service. 

In a general sense, video length can be categorized into three broad categories: short, medium, and long. Because the length of a video can also majorly influence whether or not the viewer will want to watch the entirety of the same, it is important to know where to post how long of a video. Listed below are the three broad categories of video lengths in detail:

1. Short length videos

If all you need is an introduction or a teaser for the product, then this video length is the right choice. Short videos generally last around 30 seconds and give viewers just enough information to pique their interest in the product. 

This type may seem small but these quick videos have the potential to go viral quickly because they convey information fast. If you need to engage with viewers quickly or get them interested in the product immediately, then using shorter clips can help accomplish this goal more effectively.

Social media platforms for this video length

      For a product teaser or an announcement, a short 15-second video will work best on Instagram Stories.

      Pinterest is also best used for short-length videos.

      You can also advertise a new product or service as a YouTube ad.

      TikTok is better used for short-length videos.

      Short videos perform better on Twitter than any other length of videos.

2. Medium length videos

Medium-length videos are best used to tell more detailed stories about specific products or services you offer, elaborate on details that could not be covered in short-length videos due to time constraints. 

This type of video falls between 1-2 minutes in length and should provide more information than a short-length video. Most of the marketing videos fall under this category as it is the optimum duration of what a marketing video should be.

Social media platforms for this video length

      Facebook is a major platform where medium-length videos can perform well.

      Instagram TV (IGTV) can also be used for posting medium-length videos.

 3. Long length videos

If you want to tell an engaging story or establish credibility for your business, it might make sense for you to consider investing in longer content. These types of videos are great for giving consumers an inside look at what it is like to work with your company. 

Longer videos can also be used as an educational piece to teach consumers how to use your product or service better. They can last anywhere from 10 minutes to even 30 minutes depending on the content of the video.

Social media platforms for this video length

      Since YouTube is a dedicated video platform, it is one of the best options for posting long-length videos.

      LinkedIn is also a viable option for long videos, but since it is genre-specific, the potential performance of content is limited.

After looking at the different video lengths and what category falls into them, you should have a better understanding of what the length of your next marketing video should be. The length of your marketing video should depend on the purpose and the audience you are trying to reach.

While the length of the video is important, it is equally important that your video should be of the best quality and should be produced properly so that it can have an impact on your audience. 

Contact us today so we can chat about how our team at Dustin Hill Productions can make an impactful marketing video for you! We can produce all three lengths of videos depending on your needs and help you determine which option best suits your needs.