Banner What does a video production company do

As brands and companies look for faster, easier ways to communicate their message, video has become an invaluable tool in the marketing world. There are many different types of video that can be used to get your message across and engage viewers in ways other forms of marketing cannot. 

Because of this, video production companies are becoming increasingly popular due to the rise of social media. With so many platforms for videos, it is crucial to have a company that can provide quality video content. 

Video production companies create videos for brands and businesses with high-quality equipment. Video production companies are great for marketing and advertising purposes. They can help you create a video that will reach your target audience and get them to take action on the product or service you are trying to sell. 

Steps a video production company follows while creating a video

1. Conduct product and market research

Pre-production starts with initial research, where the research team looks for more information about the business. It includes identifying potential customers and knowing their business goals. Then, the producer creates a concept based on the client’s business goals, timeline (how long do we have?), and budget.

2. Meeting clients

A video production company meets with clients to discuss their needs and expectations for the project, which often leads to better videos. The more information that is shared at this stage, the less confusion there will be during filming. 

They discuss things with clients, such as: what do you want from the project? Are there certain aspects or types of videos that interest you? Do they need to be long-form or short-form, scripted or unscripted? It will also help to know who the target audience is so that the videographer can tailor the presentation accordingly. 

3. Create a storyboard

Once the video production company knows the target audience and what the goals are, they create a storyboard.

A storyboard will help plan every detail so that everything is streamlined and planned out before the filming is done. It is a visual representation of the shots to achieve for the video, including camera angles and transitions. This will help you stay organized and on budget with the shoot.

4. Prepares script

Storyboarding and scripting are both elements of video production that require careful planning before they can begin. Storyboards map out the visuals you want in your videos, while scripts outline what will be heard through dialogue or voiceovers to ensure accuracy with brand style.

A video production company puts an expert writer in charge of creating the script for a video that will help the brand stand out among its competitors and tell its story.

5. Audition actors, source props, and create wardrobe pieces

A video production company will handle the casting process if a project requires actors. Casting calls can be held in person at a casting agency or virtually via video calls.

If props or special wardrobe pieces are required, a video production company will either use what they have on hand or rent/purchase the necessary equipment. Clients will have a final opinion on the talent and set pieces used in the video.

6. Choosing a filming location

If a video cannot be filmed in a studio, then the video production company looks for a filming location for the video. To make sure that every shot in the video is perfect, the production company will check several different locations.

7. Filming the video & record audios

The video production phase is where the film crew takes all of their raw footage, records voiceovers, and assembles it together in a way that matches the script. This process can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

8. Mix audio and music tracks

The audio mixing process involves layering sounds on top of videos, adjusting volume levels, adding soundtracks, sound effects, and voiceovers for added impact.

Video production companies will ensure that all sounds match up with visuals by making sure what was recorded has been edited appropriately so that everything fits together seamlessly.

9. Post-editing

Editing is the last phase of video production and can be a lot of work. A good editor will know what type of edit to use for specific videos. This includes color correction, adding transitions between shots, motion graphics, special effects, and cutting out any unnecessary footage that does not need to be in the final product.

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