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Different businesses have various marketing strategies, but only the right method can fulfill your purpose. Without the right technique, your efforts can fall short, and you can end up wasting your money and time with little to show for it. 

In today’s world, there is no other powerful marketing strategy than social media marketing. Social media is a platform that drives the highest-intent traffic for your marketing strategy. These tools are no longer fancy sites, but instead, have become a necessary tool for each and everyone to showcase their valuable object, be it talents or brands. 

In January 2022, a global overview of social media showed that more than half of the world uses it and the number of social media users worldwide has hit 4.62 billion. (source). Due to their robust growth of users, many fortune companies have broadened their target audience space, making them create enormous milestones in developing their business plans.

In 2018, 97% of all fortune 500 companies relied on social media in order to promote their initiatives (source)

But yet, some businesses undervalue this powerful tool and miss their golden opportunity towards achieving their business goals. Let us look at how social media marketing can create wonders for your business.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing


1. Social media enhances website traffic and generates leads

When it comes to social media marketing, videos are one of the great ways to help you expand your business to a wider audience.

Social video contents are indeed a global platform that not only tells your brand’s story to others in a short span but also helps you capture their attention.

If your video content on sharing platforms is as informative as your customer’s needs, viewers will tend to log on to your website, enhancing your sales pipeline for your business. So, your social video plays an important role in establishing a direct line of communication between you and your audience.

2. Social media is affordable

Traditionally hard-to-measure channels like TV are being pushed to the wayside by cheap, trackable online advertising channels like social media platforms.

Social video production saves your business from investing thousands of dollars in putting up banners and distributing pamphlets. All you have to do is just create an account and start showcasing your business across the globe.

You can even try some paid social media advertisements to narrow down your audience and ultimately, have a chance to meet your desired customers. 

For example, you can display your ad to the chosen type of people you want, further you can even slender your audience by selecting their gender, age, and many other things. These paid campaigns are one of the least expensive types of marketing available in the traditional and digital markets. Their amazing outcomes have compelled small businesses to invest their budget in such campaigns.

3. Social media builds brand authority

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction play a hand-in-hand role in making your business powerful. Just being active on social media accounts won’t reveal you’re true customers, nor scrolling down the sites is going to help you find one.

So how will you build brand authority? Regularly publishing your video content on social channels can help you maintain a constant flow with your customers. This in return builds their interest in your products and services. Hence, it’s necessary to pull in heaps of your targeted leads by shaping a good brand authority.

4. Social media creates a great customer service

People often believe that social media is one of the most authentic platforms to watch the true story of their role models or friends. So you can start launching your videos through these sites to grow the trust of your audience.

For example:

  • You can invite your customers to join a free webinar and showcase your brand. This can help them understand your services and know more about them.
  • You can also give a brief explanation of your product such as how it works and its deliverability guarantee through your videos. This can help those people who are willing to buy your product online. 

You too can create such great customer service on your social networking sites.

5. Social Media enhances your SEO ranking

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Videos on social sites play a vital role in increasing your search engine optimization ranking. When you share a great video on social media channels, there are wide chances of your video getting shared with millions of audiences, who might include the link of your video on their content. It results in driving more traffic to your video, and thus your ranking in search engines will increase too. 

Social video content production is indeed a great strategy to find real avenues for business improvement. We hope these facts have inspired your brand to branch out and start harnessing the power of social media to meet your desired audience.

If you would like to find out how to create the best social media video content, be sure to read: A Guide To Social Media Video Content Production

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