Brands’ way of interacting with consumers constantly evolves in today’s competitive world. It doesn’t matter whether it is a medium-sized or leading brand; grabbing the target audience’s attention is the only way to reach new heights. Nowadays, most people prefer watching live social media videos over reading blog posts. 

As you know, in the corporate world, you must try different marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd. Many brands and institutions are beginning to realize the impact of the live stream among people. Also, we must recognize the fact that new streaming techniques have gained popularity among brands and consumers.  

Use Social Live Videos as a Part of Your Branding 

Are you a beginner and worried about the financial crisis in branding? Don’t panic! It’s not a big deal since some social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube offer free access to live streams. 

Well, there are a few tips about using social live videos as a Part of your Branding. Go through it to make sure you present the best social live video.

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To help you better understand, we’ve divided the process into two categories: things to do,

  • Before the broadcast
  • During the broadcast


Before The Broadcast

  • Planning

It’s the most influential phase of your branding, where you should implement your solid marketing strategy more than ever. Planning is the beginning of everything! If you get this right, everything that follows will gradually work in your favour.

First, know your target audience to whom you will be speaking. Secondly, Create extraordinary content by covering all the details to keep the conversation straight. 

Focus on the professional side and be responsible. For instance, you could keep talking about other things in front of the camera, but it won’t work that way. So instead, put yourself in the audience’s shoes, think about what they want to hear about your brand, and share things that appeal to them. The audience is all yours! 

  • Create curiosity

Capture the eyeballs; promoting is the only way to do that. Promotion is not just a word; it’s a magical tool in the marketing world. So how do you gain the audience’s attention? 

Well, it’s simple. To begin with, you should make your audience tune in by posting stories and videos continuously. It is the only way to create awareness of your brand in advance. 

Also, schedule a countdown and update it now and then until the actual day of your live video. By doing so, people will be expecting the air date of your live session. You can also pique their interest by providing a sneak peek at your brand and keeping them guessing. 

Engage your audience in a Q&A session and let them ask you questions, which you will be answering during the live social video of your brand. 

  • Give importance to the technical factors

It is necessary to take special care regarding the technical factors. For example, before you start the live social video, you need to make sure of three things: internet connectivity, sound, and lighting. 

It doesn’t matter if you are filming the video with your expensive, brand-new camera. If your image is dark and the audio quality seems terrible, people will instantly lose interest and leave the session without a second thought. The same goes for your internet connection if your video buffers.

Although you made all the efforts to keep the audience engaged, your brand suffers if your live video fails to do its job. So keep an eye on the technical aspects.

During The Broadcast

Finally, you’re ready to go live on-air! It’s time to add professionalism to your social live video, and it helps your brand reach the next level. Now that you’ve gained the attention of your target audience, it’s time to focus on the conversation part. 

Begin your video with a good introduction. Don’t forget to reveal your brand logo, content, and everything associated with that. Always remember not to miss out on points – not even a single detail. 

Gradually, sharing what happens behind the scenes will make your audience feel more connected and get to know more about your brand. Also, remember that your content should be subtle and understandable. Most importantly, go with the flow and don’t stick with the scripts. 

Let your employees speak about their part in the brand if it’s not off-limits. By doing so, the consumers will get an intimate connection with the real people behind the brands and become actively engaged throughout the session. 

At the same time, don’t promote your brand too much. Answer the questions from your Q&A session. Acknowledge and mention the name of the user who asks interesting questions to show them you care about their thoughts and make them valuable.  

Before you wrap up the live video, redirect your consumers to the next stage of your branding, which you need to plan accordingly. The page you direct them to should give them more information about your brand content and entice them to proceed further.

All these steps will help you connect your brand with your target audience. You can quickly grab people’s attention using these methods. People tend to make attractive content viral through various social media platforms. 

Also, it will keep them checking out your site frequently. Without a doubt, the impact and recognition you get from the live social video will increase the credibility of your brand among the audience and increase traffic to your website.