op 9 Types of Videos to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Activities.pngIn today’s social media-driven world, video is more important than ever. Not only do platforms like Facebook and Instagram favour native videos over other content types, but audiences are also way more likely to watch a video than read a text post or even look at an image. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 9 videos you can use to boost your social media marketing activities. From short product demos to live event coverage, there’s a video type for every situation and every brand. So read on, and start shooting some seriously engaging video content! 


1. Question & answer videos

Customers like to follow the social media account of a particular brand because they provide content that piques their interest. To satisfy and quench your customer’s thirst, it is better to answer common questions and indirectly provide relevant information.

You can create a Q&A video to interview the CEO, team members, product/service influencers, and customers. Ask your followers questions for the video, to which you can include an answer. Also, you can scrutinise the questions that are related to the theme/subject of the interview.


2. Video of product demo

Keeping your social media audience informed about your latest products is essential to retaining them. 

Having a great product video can help your customers make a purchase. You can showcase your product overview, key features, functionality, pricing, and contact information in your product video.

Try to create an authentic and original video since it is an informal product video. Add new perspectives about your product, more colours, animations, and graphics to make your video engaging, fun, and power-packed.


3. Promotion videos

Many users on social media like to see videos about new promotions or discounts so that they can plan what to purchase for the upcoming month. Hence you can create and design infographics videos about the latest deals and offers. 

You can release the announcement about the latest promotions or sales before next month so the audience can be prepared. Then, you can combine your product images with music, multimedia, and graphics to grasp your audience’s attention for the entire video. 


4. Behind-the-scenes video

The curiosity to look behind the scenes is common among many people. 

These videos enhance your authenticity, show off your company culture, or highlight the people who work hard to make your product or service possible. You can choose the product or employees for this video. It becomes an exclusive privilege to the audience. 

The video about the daily working of your company and its employees is gold content for the behind-the-scenes video. Also, you can include the company tour, manufacturing, and selling of your product. You can create a relationship with the audience and get their trust.


5. Events and contests

The audience prefers and enjoys this type of video. The main reason is that they don’t want to miss out on the gifts or takeaways. It is better to be a live video so the audience can feel like they are participating in the event/contest. Moreover, who doesn’t love free stuff?

You can give a timely announcement about your contest. Provide the rules and regulations with eligibility criteria in the announcement. Then you can post the winner’s information and make them send the video when they received the gifts or takeaways.


6. Tutorial videos

People like to learn new things via online videos rather than text content. For example, learning to make a smoothie from the video is more easily understandable than looking at the written recipe about making a smoothie. 

This type of video falls under the recommended category. Therefore, they directly engage with tutorial videos and add substantial value to the audience. You can see these videos on Youtube recommendations, Instagram highlights, TikTok, and LinkedIn.


7. User-generated content videos

Users of your product or service create UGC videos, providing an authentic voice that can speak to potential customers in a way that traditional advertising cannot.

UGC videos are real, relatable, and authentic, allowing your audience to see your brand in a new light. In addition, UGC videos can help to build trust and credibility with your audience as they provide an unbiased look at your products or services.


8. Tell relatable story

People can relate to stories on social media. For example, it can be a story from industry influencers, critics, or customers. The story should be focused on your products/services and your business. The focus shouldn’t be lost when you tell a story.


9. Testimonial videos

The most powerful social media videos are testimonial videos. It is because it has a direct impact on word-of-mouth response and feedback. To boost your business’s trust and loyalty, you can publish testimonials, reviews, and approved customer case studies on your social media pages.

Also, the more reviews your business gets, the more people will purchase from it. It becomes a validation of your business from previous customers. These videos can be shared with your friends, relatives, and peers.

The videos created for social media marketing should be aligned with your business goals and personalised to your audience. Hence, social media marketing plays a huge role in advertising your business. 

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Creating and sharing social media videos can reach a wider audience with your video content. Use these nine types of videos as references and find and use the type of video that will promote your business online.