Over the past few years, videos are becoming the dominant players in the marketing field. From the instant fame of Facebook live videos to Instagram enhancing their video length from 30 to 60 seconds, marketers are actively communicating with the customers through their compelling videos. 

Videos on social media seem to be the most powerful marketing strategy than any other multimedia. It is even believed to be said that social advertising is far more effective than TV advertising. Let us know why videos on social media posts are so popular in the present-day world?

  • Gives a better understanding of your product to the audience.
  • Your product stands out more due to the large audience on social media.
  •  Helps your brand to rank higher on the search engines.
  • Offers a more personable way to engage with your audience.

So, social media channels are indeed a powerful sales tool for your business. Right now, videos are incredibly playing their main roles in the marketing space. 

But, today’s world is changing so drastically that to stay in the loop, we need to be updated with the present and the future news on social media. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve in social media marketing, go through the following points which will create a great impact in shaping the social landscape in the immediate future.

What Will The Future Of Social Media Video Marketing Look Like? 


1. There will be more video-based social media platforms

Facebook, youtube, and Instagram often come to our mind when we think about publishing videos on social channels, but to your surprise, there are a bunch of platforms that are creating new trends in the social media space. 

For example, Tik Tok – a showcase for the entertainment field, was the number one app downloaded in the year 2022. With over 500 million active users, it has become the sixth-largest social network in the world (source)

Twitter is also considered one of the major video-based platforms as Twitter videos are viewed as more organic and genuine than videos posted on other platforms.

2. Live streaming apps will be dominant

Live streaming apps are rolling out globally over the past few years. These apps are usually used to broadcast anything may it be eating or studying. The videos which are being streamed live are gaining more views than pre-recorded videos because live content is being encouraged by social media algorithms more at this moment. 

Live streaming apps are going to be majorly helpful for video marketing in the upcoming future.

3. Video will become a part of the shopping experience

Online shopping has already become a great tool for customers to buy their products. But now, as many people are shopping online and are working from home, it has become essential for brands to describe their products through videos. 

So, video is a piece of great evidence for customers to purchase their favorite products online. Hence, videos will play a great role in online shopping.  It is estimated that 61% of customers rely on video content when interacting with a brand (source)

4.  Augmented reality and virtual reality will become more mainstream

AR and VR filters are now being used widely on numerous social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. These filters not only enhance visual content but also provide better and more engaging experiences to your users.

The photo filters used on Instagram and Snapchat are nothing but augmented reality. The benefits of AR on social media are not just limited to photo filters, they can also be helpful for video marketing. 

For example, brands can also use AR  in their videos to boost their shopping experiences for their customers or can create 360 VR videos of their products, which will be more helpful for their customers.

 In the next few years, the trend of AR and VR will soon be driven by social media platforms.

5. Video content will continue to dominate

81% of marketers say that videos have helped them directly increase their sales (source). This clearly illustrates how important it is to use video content on social sharing platforms. In the near future, videos will take over the world of social media and so you need to start utilizing your video content on social media platforms.

Video marketing hasn’t even shown a single sign of turning down in the past few years. In fact, the above future social landscape implies that social media will be unveiling a lot of doors and opportunities for video marketing with unlimited applications. Hence, it’s time to incorporate videos into your social media strategy.

If you are looking to produce a video, be sure to read these 8 tips which can help you in creating an engaging marketing video.    

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