Banner of The Top 10 Corporate Videos Mistakes To Avoid

In the present world, most brands are engaged in creating corporate videos in order to enhance their brand awareness. Since customers usually prefer short clip videos rather than reading long blog posts, publishing videos has become a necessary tool in the marketing strategy. 

A good engaging and informative video can capture the attention of millions of audiences. So, it is mandatory for you to keep your eye on building your corporate and business videos. A single flaw in generating your brand’s video can close some of the exciting opportunities in your business career. 

Hence, let us look at the top ten corporate video mistakes which you need to avoid so that you can set up for success. 

1.  Not having a clear strategy

Producing videos without a strategy just fritters away your time and energy. Hence organizing a plan is as important as publishing your videos. 

Before planning out the content, you need to have a deeper understanding of your audience, like what your audience would love to see? And what do they actually need from you? Later, you can create a video strategy that can include your overall business goals and meet your target audience.

2. Not focusing on a single message

Most corporate companies tend to stuff all the factors such as brand awareness, selling products, and recruiting new staff on a single video. This approach may seem irritating to your audience as it can be confusing for them to figure out what it is intended for. 

Having a single message for each video will not only make your audience engage with your business but also helps you to expand your client’s list.

3. Not having a standard video

Poor sound quality, out-of-focus shots, and blurry videos can turn your professional business into an unprofessional one and really reduce the impact of the video. This makes your audience switch off from looking into your brand. So, make sure you have a good quality video so that you can keep your audience within your space.

4. Not providing captions

In 2016, Facebook stats displayed that 85% of the videos were watched without sound (source). So you might have understood how important it is to add captions to your videos. You might lose your audience if you try to publish your videos without adding any captions. Hence, always try to provide captions to all of your videos.

5. No call to action

Each and every corporate video must include a call to action. CTA not only explains to your audience the core message but also provides the purpose of the video. We often like to be told what to do next when it comes to engaging with marketing. So it’s your duty to tell your audience about the next task after they read your concept. 

Even if your viewers were engaged with the content, they might drop off from the video only because you don’t have a call to action. The CTA should offer a message to people regarding what they need to do. Some examples of calls to action are Subscribe, Download, etc.

6. Not measuring results

You may get excited after publishing a new corporate video, but the work doesn’t stop there. Many companies just tend to create a video and wait for new customers to roll in. 

After publishing a video, you need to know about analyzing your video results, such as the number of views, number of shares, how long people watch your video, what portion they skip and what portion they don’t. These details will certainly enable you to build up a picture of what works and what doesn’t for your audience.

7. Forgetting about SEO

It’s just astonishing to see how many businesses skip search engine optimization when it comes to publishing their videos. And yet, SEO is how video content is found online. If video descriptions and keywords are properly optimized on the video, it will definitely be helpful to boost your video in search results.

8. Creating videos that are too focused on sales 

There is no need to force your audience. They will surely follow you up if you help and properly guide them. Instead, concentrate on ways that you can offer helpful and genuinely valuable content to your audience. You might have observed that the most-watched videos are the ones that offer real valuable content to their audience. 

Create a video in such a fashion that people should feel that you are fulfilling their needs.

9. Not showing what the video is saying 

A lot of beginners concentrate too much on what they say to their audience without actually displaying them. People can listen to podcasts if they need some things to be explained to them verbally. But in order to view and understand some topics, they watch videos. So businesses that are making videos need to take appropriate steps to show the story unfold on screen.

10. Expecting instant results

Most companies have the mindset of launching a video to viral success. But materialistically, even the corporate videos which seem to reach instant fame, have invested their time in video production and measuring their results. 

As with any content, videos always take some time to build their own reputation. Proper consistency and video strategy will surely help you to accomplish your business goals.

Creating content and publishing a video might be a challenging task. But if you follow the right path and direction, then you are no longer away from your dream of success. If you are a corporate company that’s looking for ways to connect with the audience, you can read all about it here. 

If your video-creating strategies aren’t working for you, then please feel free to contact Dustin Hill Productions. Our video production services will not only help you to gain success in your business but also will help your brand to stand out from various competitors.