The popularity of animated videos is here to stay. As technology develops, customers’ attention is continually drawn to the new trends constantly appearing on the market.

Today, visuals in games, films, and advertisements can range from the standard 2D to fascinating 3D formats. Voxel graphics, classified as 2.5D, are now more common because of the advancement. The popularity of animated 2.5D movies among business owners has led numerous organizations to adopt this technique, successfully conducting their promotional campaigns.


2.5D Animation – An Overview

2.5D animation occupies a space between 2D and 3D animation. In this technique, 3D objects are utilised in a 2D setting. The characters and hero objects are 3D, but the background is 2D.

This pixel is the same, but only in 3D with the “Z” coordinate. The words “volumetric” and “pixel” are combined to generate the term “voxel”, which itself is a concept.

Consider that you have a fantastic video idea that would look even better in 3D. But what if you need more time or money to create a complete 3D animation video? What can you do about it right now, then? Well, 2.5D is the solution here to save your day.

Walt Disney first developed the 2.5D technology, which is still in use today. However, techniques of implementation and advancement always continue.


When To Use 2.5D Animation?

There is a high chance that your competitors include animation videos in their marketing strategy. According to the report, 60% of B2B and B2C businesses are on this path (source). They have experienced 34% higher conversion rates (source). If you publish the correct kind of video, you can get a significant return on your investment. 

So, when is the right time to utilize a 2.5D animation video for marketing? Using a 2.5D animation video may benefit your business when you want:


1. To simplify complex ideas

You can more effectively convey your complex ideas and simplify complicated processes by using an animated film. For example, you can use animation instead of voiceover to create animated explainer videos. Your characters and other graphics will handle the task for you. In addition, you may use videos in different ways to show how your product may help your target audience.

A 2.5D animation after-effects video may also catch users’ attention. This fact implies that a fantastic animated video can draw viewers in and keep them watching all the way through.


2. To present content more creatively

Your animations can say or do anything according to your wish since they are entirely customizable. It means you are free to add or remove anything you want, even if you’re using the same video for a different reason than you were previously.

An animated video may be more effective in some circumstances than one with actual people in it. For example, you don’t need to spend hours or days with people to capture the perfect shot and customize what they say or do on camera. Instead, with a 2.5D animation, you can leave room for more creativity. As a result, a fantastic animated video can draw viewers to watch it till the end.


3. To acquire organic leads 

Regardless of the size of your business, the need to attract leads is constant. So, you can use the 2.5D animation technique to earn valuable leads organically. You may use short marketing videos that are brief, visually appealing, flexible to edit, and shareable.

To keep the attention of your target audience on your business, start by telling a narrative and sharing personal stories, which are highly effective across numerous platforms. Be particular in your corporate video narrative, so your followers will experience the essence.


4. To break up the monotony

These days, advertisers strive to connect with us in several ways, such as by having celebrities endorse a specific brand or product. Most individuals are used to and anticipate seeing those promotional videos.

On the other hand, an animated video is distinct from other commercial videos and helps companies break up the repetition of their marketing campaigns. The video does not attempt to persuade viewers to purchase the product immediately. Instead, the sale is subtle; the most crucial thing it conveys is relevant information.

With your characters and 2.5D animations, you can turn what might otherwise be a dry delivery of information into a fun experience.


5. To avoid excess waste of time and money

You can use this video style to increase your marketing efforts, regardless of your budget or startup status. Given that it doesn’t require expensive actors or special effects equipment, this animation style offers a cost-effective substitute for expensive 3D and live-action movies. 

You can still visit a video animation agency even if your business has recently been established and you need more resources for advertising. The use of actors or advanced equipment is not necessary for 2.5D videos. Moreover, you won’t have to wait long to receive the finished product because it is easier to create.

As you can understand, a single animated video that is creative could result in a nice boost in visitors, leads, and earnings. In short, when 3D graphics are out of reach financially, and 2D images are overly simplistic, 2.5D graphics are the ideal option. In addition, long-term revenues can come if a reputed animated video production company designs your 2.5D animation video.